Night Runner 270

£45.95 (as of May 10, 2019, 2:00 am) £19.95


Developed by athletes, Night Runner 270° safely lights the way from dusk till dawn without the hassles of headbands, belts, or straps. Designed for urban running, trail running, hiking, biking, and walking, Night Runner is a hands-free lighting solution that illuminates the path directly in front of you. The patent-pending bi-lateral ‘wing’ design guarantees 270-degrees of visibility up to 30 meters. Weighing in at an impressively light 1.5 ounces, the lights are housed in a high-affect, water-resistant casing to keep you protected no matter pouring rain or uneven terrain. Active people must not rely solely on passive reflective gear. Night Runner 270°’s back-facing distinctive red taillights are attention-grabbing to instantly alert motorists of your location. Each unit fastens securely to shoelaces via a stable, multi-position adjustable bracket. The Li-ion rechargeable batteries are equipped with a micro-USB port and a “Y” connector to charge both units concurrently. See More/Do More. Own the night. FEATURES ● Two ultra-light LED light units – 1.5 oz. ● Back-facing red tail lights ● 4-6 hour battery life ● Li-ion rechargeable battery ● 150 total lumens ● 30+ feet in beam distance ● Bi-lateral ‘wing’ design ● Water-resistant unit ● Protected, stable, multi-position shoelace clips STATS ● 256 million runners, walkers, hikers, and cyclists in america ● Every eight minutes a runner, walker, or cyclist is injured by a vehicle. ● Half of vehicular-pedestrian fatalities occur between 6pm and nighttime. ● According to a Runner’s World study conducted together with Runkeeper, an overwhelming majority of Americans indicate that they run after the sun sets on weekdays ● 100% of people prefer injury-free runs

150 LUMENS – Night Runner shoe lights come with two ultra-light LED light units that fasten securely to shoelaces, features 270 degrees of visibility in front of the runner, and two red taillights. The best product for running at night!
WEATHERPROOF – The ultimate night running gear lights built to continue to exist in all weather conditions, whether it is heavy rain, extreme heat, or even the coldest of winters.
COMFORT & SAFETY – Night Runner’s Bi-Lateral wing design guarantees visibility of up to 30 feet illuminating your running path for optimal safety at midnight and alerting motorists, better than blinding your friends or getting a mouth full of bugs with headlamps, perfect for night running.
BATTERY LIFE – These shoe lights have more than 4 hours of battery life, Li-on rechargeable battery via Micro USB.